5 Funniest and funny Animal YouTube Channels Funny Animals

Keeping in theme with my PETA piece this week, I will be highlighting some of the best and most popular YouTube channels that feature animals. That’s right, yet another “best and most popular” list from your favorite original writer of all time – me. But hold on, pull your pants back up, punk. You don’t wanna shit on this list – it features animals! On YouTube! Animals! “Funniest and Cutest Animal YouTube Channels”!

funny animals youtube channel https://url.kr/ybnrAQ

Cuddly, lovable animals. We all love chubby little baby animals with big noggins and saucer eyes because they make us go, “awww.” And we love them as adults too, because they make us go “mmm” when we imagine their fatty, succulent funny animals meat stuffed inside a burrito. I’m just kidding, PETA. Clearly, the thought of animal meat is revolting, and it’s not even appropriate to joke about it. Just put funny animal down the bucket of red paint, and let’s watch these YouTube channels featuring some of our best animal friends.

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